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Problems that Can Occur When Your Teeth Aren’t Aligned

Problems that Can Occur When Your Teeth Aren’t Aligned

It’s no secret that one key to a beautiful smile is having straight teeth. However, a great smile isn’t the only reason you should have straight teeth. Unfortunately, misaligned teeth can lead to a host of problems, from jaw pain to an increased risk of tooth decay.

At Dr. Azer VIP Dentistry in Newport Beach, California, Dr. Azer and our team have helped many patients improve their dental health by aligning their teeth, and we can do the same for you.

To better understand the many benefits of a good alignment, let’s take a look at what can go wrong when your teeth are misaligned.

Types of misalignments

There are several types of misalignments, and among the more common are the following:

Each of these misalignments can be placed into one of three categories: Category 1 is mild, category 2 is moderate, and category 3 is severe.

Now that we have a better idea about the types of misalignments, let’s look at their potential complications.

Complications of having misaligned teeth

If you have misaligned teeth, here are some of the complications that can arise:

Increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease

When your teeth are crooked, keeping all of the nooks and crannies free from bacteria can be more difficult, increasing your risks for tooth decay and gum disease.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of these conditions is high in the United States. In fact, more than 25% of adults in the United States have untreated tooth decay, and nearly half of adults over age 30 have gum disease.

Temporomandibular joint issues

On either side of your jaw are small temporomandibular joints (TMJs), and they act as hinges, allowing a wide range of movement in your lower jaw. If your teeth are misaligned, you can place added stress on your TMJs, which can lead to nagging pain in your jaw and face.

Difficulty chewing

If you have a moderate to severe malocclusion (poor bite), such as an open bite, you may encounter difficulty chewing your food properly, which could lead to gastrointestinal issues, since chewing is the first digestive step.

Problems with speech

If you have a category 2 or category 3 malocclusion, you may encounter difficulties speaking or develop a speech issue, such as a lisp.

Straightening things out

If you’re struggling with your misaligned teeth and want to explore your solutions, your first step is to come see us so we can evaluate your misalignment. Once we see what’s going on, we can recommend the best path forward.

For example, in mild to moderate cases, we may suggest the Invisalign® straightening system, which features clear, removable aligners. This system gradually moves your teeth into the correct positions.

If you have a severe malocclusion, we may need to perform oral surgery to remove problematic teeth, realign your jaws, or treat other issues. Once your teeth are ready for straightening, we can turn to Invisalign.

If you have more questions about the potential complications of misaligned teeth, or if you’d like to explore the best solution for improving your alignment, call 949-763-5852 or book an appointment online with Dr. Azer VIP Dentistry today.

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