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Whitening Discolored Teeth

Professional teeth whitening by Dr. Azer is very effective at removing discoloration that results from eating and drinking certain foods and beverages. For instance, red wine, tea, coffee, and such foods as blueberries can leave stains that professional whitening can remove. Dr. Azer can also whiten teeth that have become discolored due to smoking.

On the other hand, tooth discoloration that results from radiation and chemotherapy treatments does not lend itself to professional whitening. Patients should also be aware that some medications used to treat bacterial infections (antibiotics), as well as some acne and rheumatoid arthritis treatments can cause tooth discoloration that whitening agents cannot correct. 

Consult with Dr. Azer if you have any questions. Dr. Azer offers in-office whitening as well as home kits. 

Dr. Soheir Azer Provider

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