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If you’ve lost your teeth, you may worry about how you present yourself. With the high standards of Dr. Soheir Azer, you can rest assured she’ll restore your smile to its finest appearance with premium denture options. Serving the Newport Beach, California, area, Dr. Azer VIP Dentistry gives you the royal treatment through the whole process. Make an appointment by phone or online to discuss your denture options.

Dentures Q & A


Do I need complete or partial dentures?

You may need complete dentures if you’re missing or losing all your teeth. If Dr. Azer recommends a complete extraction due to disease or decay, you’ll wait 8-12 weeks for your gums to heal before getting your dentures. In the meantime, Dr. Azer provides you with a set of temporary dentures.

Partial dentures replace missing teeth in between healthy natural teeth. A partial denture is made of replacement teeth attached to gum-colored plastic. It helps restore your appearance and keep your remaining teeth from shifting.

What are the best denture options available?

With an eye for superior dental practices, Dr. Azer offers metal-free partial dentures, and premium full dentures to keep you looking sharp.

Metal free partial dentures

Metal-free dentures have a more natural appearance than metal work. Instead of attaching to a metal framework, these teeth attach to adjacent teeth with precision internal clasps. Dr. Azer usually fits adjacent teeth with crowns to improve the fit.

Premium full dentures

Those who value aesthetics and quality will appreciate the premium full dentures Dr. Azer offers. The level of detail and customization provided gives them the most lifelike appearance. The premium texture and material make these the gold standard.

How do I properly care for my new dentures?

Your dentures are an investment and a functional necessity, so you should handle them with care. Try to avoid dropping them when you’re taking them out or putting them in, so they don’t get damaged.

To prevent plaque buildup, brush the surface of your dentures with a soft toothbrush and mild soap daily. Rinse themafter each meal to remove food debris. When you’re not wearing the dentures, place them in tepid water or denture solution, so they don’t dry out or warp.

Never try to adjust your dentures yourself or force them into place. Over time, your gums and bone structure will change, at which point you should contact Dr. Azer. If you try to fix your dentures yourself, you could end up weakening or permanently damaging them.

When you’re ready for dentures, Dr. Azer is the person to call because she provides premium quality tooth replacement options. Call or book an appointment with her online.

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