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Teeth Whitening

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If you have a special event coming up, or you just need a change for your discolored teeth, you’ll find several teeth whitening options at Dr. Azer VIP Dentistry. Dr. Soheir Azer takes your teeth from stained to startling with in-office treatments and custom whitening trays. You can get first-class treatment at her Newport Beach, California location. Call or go online to book a consultation for teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Q & A


Teeth Whitening

What happens during in-office whitening treatments?

You get to recline comfortably in the dentist's chair while Dr. Azer gives you the VIP treatment. Before getting started, she provides a thorough cleaning and evaluation. When you’re ready, she applies a barrier to your gums and dental cavities, to protect them from the whitening treatment.

Then, she brushes the whitening gel onto the teeth and uses a special light to activate the gel. The process is repeated several times until she attains the desired outcome.

In-office bleaching gives you the quickest results, leaving your teeth about three to eight shades lighter. It’s especially convenient if you have an upcoming special event or photo shoot.

How do dentist-supplied whitening trays differ from OTC ones?

Dr. Azer can customize her whitening trays to your tooth’s shape by taking impressions of your teeth. The tooth coverage provided by a dentist-supplied mouthpiece is better than an at-home version and minimizes contact with the gums.

On the other hand, OTC whitening trays have a one-size-fits-all design, which doesn’t provide an exact fit. Because of that, OTC trays may result in inconsistent whitening. They may also come into undesired contact with the gums and irritate them.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Professional teeth whitening is the safest option for your smile. Dr. Azer takes appropriate measures to assess if your teeth are appropriate for whitening. You could damage your teeth by whitening them at home if you have worn enamel, cavities, receding gums, or fillings. And some stains are better left to the pros.

Dr. Azer only uses products containing the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance, which indicates they meet the criteria as being safe and effective. Store-bought bleaching products are not endorsed because the ADA recognizes the value in dentist supervision.

Dr. Azer uses a controlled concentration of whitening ingredients to help prevent tooth sensitivity and takes protective measures for your gums, so they don’t get exposed to the bleaching agent. Dr. Azer can also adjust her approach based on the type of stains you have, which isn’t possible at home.

A whiter smile is just a phone call or a click away. Book your appointment online or call the office to schedule an appointment today.

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